by - Tuesday, January 13, 2009

lets have a look shall we...

note: this won't be very interesting...

OK. lets do it...

1. pencil case/college work - do you need to me explain those?
2. Jazz shoes - for college
3. makeup bag - with...makeup in it!
4. camera/case - I don't usually carry this around with me but i put it in my bag the other day for some reason
5. gloves - I live in England...its COLD
6. ipod - for when i want a quick boogie...I love listning to disco when i take my dogs for a walk...funtimes
7. iphone - LOVE IT
8. college card on a lanyard... we have to wear these around college for some reason...
9. pro plus - for when I go to work
10. curious - love that scent
11. vaseline rosy lips - just because
12. palmers lip butter - because it smells like heaven
13. my purse - for obvious reasons...that me and my mum...
14. a book - bitter sweets, its good you should read it if you like reading books
15. keys - so i can get into my house
16. two pairs of headphones - I lost a rubber bit from my really good headphones so had to take my other headphones out...does anyone know where I can buy a rubber bit? i realise 'rubber bit' isn't very descriptive...but I really dont know how else to describe it..
17. vaseline hand cream - smells nice
18. sample of nivea 'smooth sensation' - randomly I got this from the cinema
19. a mirror in a pink case - so I can look at my face
20. adidas body spray - incase I start to smell
21. a lighter - I don't smoke but carry a lighter for some reason...
22. small red case that came with my MAC brush set - to put stuff in...
23. a body shop lipgloss - its sparkly YAY


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  1. Where did you get your purse from? It's exactly the kind of thing I'm looking for.

  2. tk maxx
    it was about £14 they have some other ones that are similar in a few different styles...


  3. Cool! I shall go and check it out!