TAG: 3 reasons why you started a blog

by - Sunday, January 18, 2009

your really getting your moneys worth today, I'm posting like a good'un!

so this a short tag by Happy1234

My 3 reasons are -

1. I'm camera shy, I toyed with the idea of posting videos for a while, I made quite a few videos but always chicken out of posting them, so this is a great way of being part of the 'beauty community'. it's also more convenient than having to do the whole 'video' route of filming/editing/uploading.

2. I love reading other blogs, some of my favourite bloggers are in the 'blog list'. like youtube its another great way of learning new tip and tricks, and I'm nosey so I love hauls and whats in my bag blogs!

3. So I can share my own tips/looks etc, I'm in no way a professional (yet) but I love sharing my own opinions and having people comment on them :)

I tag anyone that wants to do it!

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  1. Thanks for joining in with the Tag - great answers.